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Contact us to design your IT architecture and build a software you want and need.


Core Services


IT Partner

for Banking, Telco and Pharma industries


Business & IT Architecture

specialize in desiging Business & IT architectures


Software development

specialize in building IT software


IT delivery process

specialize in Agile software delivery processes


IT Education

provide consultations, trainings, books & courses


IT as a Service

provide IT in subscription model


Case Studies

New Business & IT architecture

Design Business & ITArchitecture

We help our Client in desiging Business & IT architecture.




Credit Risk Domain

IT as a Service

IT consulting & audit

We help our Client in redesigning IT architecture and IT software delivery process.


Enterprise Architecture


Solution Architecture


IT Architecture

Software Development

A Complete Solution forSaaS marketplace

We help our Client to build a marketplace for selling e-books & online consultations.


Microservices IT Architecture



React, Fast API, PostgreSQL, Docker

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Specialize in IT for Banking, Telco and Pharma

With our Clients we developed solutions in various domains such as Business Support System (BSS) - Order Management, Billing, Charing for Telco, and Operations Support Systems (OSS) - Workforce Management, Service Activators for Telco, and Credit Risk - Default Management, Debt Collection, Recovery & Loss, Early Warnings for Banking, and Analytics for Pharma.

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Clients opinion

Michał Bijata

CEO @ Academic Partners

Michał Bijata

We have been cooperating with IT Architects from Deimos Software for several years in redesigning our IT Architecture Landscape. I am delighted to recommend Deimos Software as a IT Partner.

Bartosz Kąkol,

Digital Analytics Director @ Sandoz

Bartosz Kąkol,

I am delighted to recommend the training conducted by Marcin Ziemek in SQL, Python, BPMN and IT consulting. Marcin is an expert with vast professional experience, which combined with his teaching abilities, creates perfect conditions for learning and development. His skill in imparting knowledge is exceptional, making the training valuable for both high-level managers who want to understand the technical aspects of their team's work, and for those just beginning their journey with these technologies. Participation in this training is undoubtedly a step towards professional development and acquiring practical skills.


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Case study - Redesigning IT Application Architecture

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Overview of integration patterns

Overview of integration patterns...

Would you like to learn about the most popular integration patterns? From this text you will learn what integration patterns are and you will understand the most popular of them using examples.